Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Essential Oils and their many uses.

This pass year we have learned my daughter is "allergic to life" as her doctor said to us. So I have been looking into healthier options.  It hard to go healthy when all your life you have been unhealthy and you weren't really taught how to be healthy. What is one to do? start with research ,but be warned once you start you cant stop. I'm leaning a lot of scary stuff. About chemicals and things we allow to be put into our food and environment. When did we become so blind to what we are putting into our bodies?  But with the bad I'm learning some good. I have became a  for a distributor for young   living oils and I'm learning different ways to use them. I diffuse oil water instead of using those chemical products I used  to use. I have taken my warmer and put water and different oils in it for a fresh smell through out my house. I found that it works better than the chemical products because it actually cleans the air instead of masking orders and stuff. I also learned that oils are great home cleaners. Who would have taught? I sure wouldn't have. If you have any other idea please leave me a comment and stay tuned. My next adventure will be making bath salts, face cream, etc.